The Oregon Heavy Lift Helicopter Consortium began its collaborative effort in May 2006 in response to missed opportunities for heavy lift helicopters (HLH) to effectively respond to local, regional, and national emergencies or disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.

The consortium comprises six Oregon companies that operate Type I heavy lift helicopters worldwide. These heavy lift helicopter (HLH) leaders are responsible for numerous innovations within the industry, and represent approximately 1,350 employees. Members of the consortium include:

• Columbia Helicopters, Inc.
• Croman Corporation
• Erickson Air-Crane, Inc.
• Evergreen Helicopters, Inc.
• Helicopter Transport Services LLC
• Swanson Group Aviation LLC
Oregon Heavy Lift Helicopters Map Erickson Air-Crane

In addition to pursuing increased opportunities to provide services in emergency response and the construction industry, the consortium is actively working to:

• Identify and respond to aggregated workforce training needs for its
   incumbent workforce in Oregon
• Recruit prospective new employees, primarily in maintenance
   and manufacturing support positions
• Support and promote educational efforts within Oregon's community colleges
   to develop and establish career pathways in the helicopter industry
• Respond to concerns which may impact the consortium's economic vitality

Interested In Joining The Consortium?
Associate participation is open to other Oregon helicopter companies operating Type II and Type III aircraft that offer emergency response services. The Oregon Heavy Lift Helicopter Consortium is also an affiliate member of the Helicopter Association International. (

For more information about Oregon Heavy Lift Helicopter Consortium, please contact:
Colleen Padilla, Consortium Facilitator (541) 773-8946

For written inquiries: Oregon Heavy Lift Helicopter Consortium
c/o Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development, Inc. (SOREDI)
100 E Main Street, Suite A
Medford OR 97501